One more time!?

TF2 team is building comeback!! Time will show the lineup and future plans for it!! =)

We'll keep our thumbs up so we can get our lineup active again!!!

CS:GO tiimi hakusessa

MIPC etsii CS konkareita joukkoihinsa. Tällä hetkellä työsuhde-etuna on tarjolla pelipalvelin Saksasta ja Suomesta & BNC tai Shelli tarpeen mukaan.
Riippuen joukkueen suorituksista myös mahdollisuus kevyeen LAN tukeen.

Etsimme myös kilpailevien joukkueiden manageerauksesta kiinnostunutta henkilöä. 

Yhteydenotot IRC:ssä KraTeen.


What next?

We need to get all MIPCs registered so we can get our member section fully up and running. Also the section for game servers and stuff should be filled up.
Hey social links should be added also (ffs) but anyway we do have those one also!

And after these maybe we'll get slowly our site up and running.

I decided also that I'll try to start blogging something in Finnish and English few times in a week just to get some filling for the site!

p.s. check Guitarbots @ and if you believe you are rpg fan you have to follow this kickstarter


How to register?

It's simple, just click register at the bottom of the page or click this

Creating new webpage

This has been a long project. It has been running in the background almost 2 years. Finally we ended up with very simple style with cool colors of MIPC.

Lets hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

Yksinkertainen on kaunista!

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